Cfajaximport - Can't get it to work on FC7 Site

I’d like to use ColdFusion.Ajax.submit. However, I’ve tried adding to to displayHeaderStandard.cfm, and then to the includedObj file that contains the form I want to submit. Neither one calls in the CF ajax libraries.

When I try tag on a page outside of Farcry (and under the same domain name), the libraries are imported. Any ideas on why this is so?


  • JR

If your header webskin is cached then perhaps the new code isn’t being run. Can you try turning off “Caching” in the FarCry tray at the bottom of the screen? (It should show up in the front end when you have logged in to the webtop).

Otherwise perhaps you can paste a code snippet or the relevant files?

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Finally figured it out - “Anonymous Authentication” was disabled for the entire CFIDE folder in IIS. I enabled it just for the administrator folder and now, the scripts are rendering.

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Additional note on this. We also found that if the following tag is in the template at above the start of your code, it will block cfjaximport from bringing in the libraries.

<cfcontent reset="true">

Once removed that tag, we didn’t have any issues.

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