CF engine debug output affects webtop functionality

Upon successful install of 7.1.0 I have a working Home/Site… I can click thru the entire website with no problem.

Once I enter Admin and log in, the Home/Site pages now show the content then hide all content leaving only the CF Debug output visible. All links in the website ar enow basically hiding the content.
Is there a farcryConstructor.cfm Setting not correct?

Or is there mapping to be done.
I have not found a more complete install guide than this one on this page. If there is one I would love a link to it.

Debugging output sounds like it might be an engine (Lucee/Adobe ColdFusion) level setting. FarCry doesn’t output any debug information on its own accord unless an error is being generated.

This isn’t about the debugging I have CF debugging on to see what is up.
The whole page content disappears and leaves nothing.
No debug, no output.
It shows and then is gone.
What is up?

Again, A clear install document I have not found.
Do you have one? The only one I have seen is the one above this thread. That cant be all of it can it?

FarCry answers a lot of questions for us, but I haven’t seen a working install of 7.1.0 in over a week of installing it over and over again.
Chelsea, Bareb0nes, Fandango.
They all act the same as soon as I install them.
And I follow the install path to the letter.


The CF debugging may be breaking the ajax requests. Does the problem go away if you turn off debugging output?

Good morning gentlemen.
So, I tried that, and it reacted the same on install.
This morning I had a lucid moment and tried something a little different.

Once I have 7.1.0 installed I went to the site pages and clicked thru them.
I then opened a different browser and used the link from the Admin button on install completion page.
That link pointed to top root, not /core/webtop… etc.
So, I added the url correction and went to admin.
I viewed a site page in admin (simply accessing admin before would break it.)
I edited a site page.
Saved and published.

Then I went back to the original browser and it continued to work as expected.

So in conclusion it appears the install is creating a false link for the admin button and then the browser is retaining that broken link and failing upon site page view.

Realizing the CF debugging was still off from last night.
I went and turned ALL CF debugging on. Tested thru successful.

So, it appears the Install button ends up with incorrect link info that then causes issues with thebrowser caching.
I have attached pics.
Also the debugging information on the same page shows all good. No issues.

Hope this helps.
Mine is working but I don’t think it should have to work in separate browsers eh?

for the help.

Web site is still showing correctly.
But now that I have gone thru the admin a little more completely when I Preview a page it now reacts to the confused URLs like the regular site did.

Remembering that Admin is in Chrome and Website is in Firefox…
So, something is amiss with the Install process no?

It looks like the Fandango project skeleton is assuming that there is a “/webtop” virtual directory / alias in your webserver, so to fix that you can change the farcryConstructor.cfm in your project:

<cfset THIS.webtopURL = "/farcry/core/webtop" />

I thought the installer was supposed to configure this depending on the type of installation that was detected, I’ll have to double check it.

For your other two errors in the webtop Site tree / preview, they are both caused by ColdFusion Debugging Output. You’ll need to turn it off, then the pages should work as normal.

Thanks Justin just saw this.
Yes to the url update and I think that actually will resolve others.

Preciate it.

Yes Barebones has the correct cfset, Chelsea and fandango did not.
That resolved the two link issues and they both work correctly.
The hiding code was still there, I turned off the debugging completely and it fixed the hiding code.

I could turn some on and still get functionality, but am leaving them all of for now.
Thanks again.