cacheByVars not passing up


I’ve got a page that uses an include with cacheByVars but as of FarCry v7 it’s not being passed up to the parent types page. Geoff and Jason, seems to be the same as the competitions page I had an issue with recently.

On v8_broadcastEpisode/displayTypeBodyGuide.cfm

@@cacheStatus: 1
@@proxyCacheTimeout: 1440
@@Cachetypewatch: v8_broadcastEpisode
@@cacheByVars: url.region
<cfparam name="region" default="sydney">

Content template types/displayPageInclude.cfm

@@cacheStatus: 1
@@cacheTimeout: 1440

Basically when you go to the deeper URLs like it ignores the region variable and loads the default ‘sydney’.

Work around would be using a seperate include content template but considering it’s the same design I would prefer not to.


Your default for url.region will need to be set before this webskin is executed, otherwise the variable may be undefined/empty. The name attribute in the cfparam tag might also need to contain name="url.region"?