ArrayProps <Shudder>

I’d like to create a rule where I allow a user to select a set of objects. It’s basically a List Selected Rule that scaffolds out when you deploy the rule, but I add a few more fields to add some context to the rule display.

I also wanted to make it so that this rule would work for multiple objects, so on my <cfproperty type=“array”, I have the parameter of ftJoin=“object1,object2”>

I then added three dmHtml objects to an instance of the rule and did a dump on the rule object properties. When I saw the stobj.aContent field, I realized I had forgotten that’s only an array of objectids. How would I know what type to pass to my <skin:view call… and how can I add additional characteristics to my selected objects, for instance, “background tile color”. I was poking around and came across the arrayProps parameter. So, I added arrayProps=“mixitem:string”, deployed it and when I refreshed the page with the instance of the rule, my stobj.aContent field suddenly had a query/struct object in the array. Awesome! Now I knew the typename in addition to the objectid.

So… big deal.

What I’d really like to do is to be able to also allow the user to edit that mixitem field. Is there any written documentation on that? I’ve looked at RuleHandPicked.cfc and that seems pretty hairy and I don’t really need to evaluate the webskins…

Avoid array props. They have been sidelined in preference of creating a small content type to handle the rule config. They come from a time (a long time ago) when creating content types was not so easy.

So, no handy parameter like ftArrayPropsSelect or something :frowning:

My problem is that each selection needs some additional component of customization beyond what is contained in the underlying object.

I’ve been trying to crib from the function that is built into RuleHandpicked (ftEditAObjects), but it doesn’t seem to fire (or if it does, I’m not catching the error).