Application Timezone

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I see it referenced here and there but not sure anything came of it. It would be great if you could set the application time or even better the user time.

FC-442: Application specific timezone settings

and in fapi.cfc:

 var applicationTimezone = application.fapi.getConfig('general','applicationTimezone', '#application.fc.serverTimezone#')

Whats the buzz?

Sorry I’ll elaborate a bit more. If my server is in Australia but my user logs in from NZ I’d prefer that all the time shown was aligned to them. The Core has over 300 instances of now() which pulls the time from the server timezone. So if it’s setup for Australia/Sydney that’s what you see.
Wouldn’t it be better to display time in relation to the user?

Add in the DB timezone, and you’ve got yourself a serious headache. Our preference for this is to use server time, and do localisation in the browser with JS as that is more robust when things start getting really gnarly - e.g. anonymous users with no profiles, cached html, etc.

In the case of the webtop - we haven’t had any clients that needed multi-timezone support for editing content. In ambiguous cases the app has a canonical time and everyone references that. Potentially you could add support for converting user-times to server-times by by overriding the image formtool - both forms and object admin pages use the formtool for generating output and interpreting posted input. For that you would also need to add timezone to the user profile.


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BTW what’s our current best practice for setting DB timezone?

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