AOC: Rio 2016 Olympic Games Site

The Rio2016 Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) Team website is the latest release for the AOC digital publishing platform. Rio 2016 is the first Olympics web asset to embrace the shiny new Olympic AOC brand – more green, more gold!!

Built with:

  • FarCry 7.1
  • Lucee/Railo App server
  • Tomcat 7
  • Windows and MSSQL

A huge array of beautiful, bespoke options that integrate with Getty image library, Brightcove and YouTube video services, historical athlete data and will feature real time scheduling and results nearer the Games.

Continuous News Feeds

An integrated news feed with articles, video, blogs, galleries, trivia and spotlights on athlete and sports profiles.

Fund Raising

Dedicated fund raising strategy to support the Olympic team.

Athlete and Sport Profiles

Beautiful Athlete and Sport profiles, providing detailed views and an aggregation of everything tagged for your favourite sport or athlete.

Mega Menus

Animated mega-menus revealing the vast site hierarchy, and featured sectional content.

Integrated Galleries

Sourced from the Media Centre and populated with beautiful Getty images and on the spot editorial from AOC staff.

Brand Story

A more complete brand story is available online.

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very impressive
Looks like a bit of Material Design going on there
I assume you are using this plugin

The Material plugin is a little bit specialised. The UI is Material based, but you’d be better off with this starting point for the front end: