Ajax form submission and files

Hi All,
RE: /core/webtop/js/farcryForm.cfm
Might I suggest a change to the farcryForm_ajaxSubmission() function so that it will post file fields as well.

//data: $j("##" + formname).serialize(),
data: new FormData($j("##" + formname)[0]),
processData: false, 
contentType: false,

I just came across this today when trying to add an input with type file to the form. Is there any reason we shouldn’t do this?

It’s only supported on IE10 and later, but that might be an acceptable
level of backwards compatibility.

Yep, given the age of IE10 I we could switch to using FormData() without any worries :slight_smile:

Cool, as my hack involved copying the whole formtools dir over to my project.
I’ll do a pull request in the next day or so. :slight_smile: