Adobe ColdFusion 11 and FarCry 6.2.6

Hi All,

Does anyone know whether ColdFusion 11 supports FarCry v6.2.6 or how I can find out prior to purchasing the Cold Fusion 11 standard license. Thanks!


While we haven’t explicitly tested Adobe ColdFusion 11 with FarCry v6.2.6 it’s highly likely that it will be supported. In any event, Daemon will address incompatibility with CF11 with versions back to 6.0 as a high priority.

We can confirm that FarCry v6.2.6 works with the latest Railo 4.2 and Lucee server 4.5 CFML engines.

Thanks for advising me. Second question, I need to install FarCry on a new hosting environment. Is there anyone you can suggest to do this?



I running Farcry 6.2.10 on CF11 Ent with no problems at all.


What sort of environment are you after?

Daemon specialises in dedicated server or larger clustered solutions in the AWS Cloud and DigitalOcean (PM @modius for more information). Alternatively, if you are after a shared hosted environment you can probably talk direct to any reliable ColdFusion host.

Thanks Phillipjamuss! Any chance you can provide me with a URL for the side? How long have you been running that version of FarCry on CF11?

Thanks Modius. My client has provided us with host they would like to migrate their site too. We were just after someone who can install FarCry 6.2.6 onto the existing environment.

Unfortunately, like many CF sites, its an intranet and not available to the public. I am however just working a site that should go live i the next week or so that has CF6.2.10 & CF11 (but don’t hold your breath). I haven’t come across any issues to date and this site has been in pre production for about 5 months now so it’s been extensively used/updated/amended during that time.