24 hour time in ftTimeMask


Having a look at core I don’t think this is possible, so likely this is a future request/suggestion but can I display the time in admin as 24H rather than 12H? All our race session times are defined as 24H so I need to convert in my head to 12H every entry. I’ve got ftDisplayPrettyDate="false" which helps in the list.

Additionally, it also seems not possible at the moment but is a time only option available as well?

Are you looking for 24H time for all datetime fields or just a few critical ones? It would be easy enough to go in and manually update the columns for specific grids with a custom cell renderer, but doing it universally might mean overriding the core prettyDate() function.

You can override display dates on specific properties by adding a ftTimeMask attribute (see the ColdFusion docs for details about the syntax https://wikidocs.adobe.com/wiki/display/coldfusionen/TimeFormat). I believe If you want to change the defaults for every date in FarCry, you can extend the /packages/formtools/datetime.cfc formtool into your project, and add the updated cfproperty tags with your preferred defaults.


I’ve got the time mask as ftTimeMask="HH:MM" but it still renders as hh mm tt in the admin form.

@modius, not sure what you mean by custom cell renderer?

I’m not apposed to having 24H time on all fields so I’ll look at copying datetime.cfc over.

Don’t race out and change the formtools :wink: we’ll have a quick think. Can you send through an annotated screenshot of your ideal solution?

Sorry, ftTimeMask is primarily for displaying the dates. I don’t know if
there is an easy way to change the edit field, except to override the
formtool edit function.