Redirect URLs for legacy URLs

I’m working on a site redesign where I have to redirect legacy URLs ( to a single page in FarCry ( . This seems easy to do via the webtop. However, I have hundreds of URLs that have to point to a single page. Before I write the script that will create these farFU objects,
is there any concern for setting up hundreds of these non-default redirects to a single page. The only downside I can think of is that the “SEO” tab when editing the page would be unwieldly.

Using farFU for redirects is ok when it’s a small number that is manageable by hand, but if you’re doing bulk URLs then I’d recommend using a rewrite rule in your web server.

If the old articles still exist with a new URL, and if you can’t programmatically transform the old URL to the new with just some string manipulation (i.e. the URLs are wildly different for some reason), then to retain your SEO for those existing articles I’d still look at generating the old->new URL map from the server so that you can put that in to your web server configuration as rewrites (these could go into farFU if it’s 1 redirect URL per article, but for bulk redirects like this I still prefer the webserver configuration).

I’d second that. Definitely do this through the web server with a simple rewrite rule.