FarCry and Google Calendar

I am trying to embed my google calendar onto my website but when I paste the HTML code below it will show up in the preview but will only publish the actual text. Please help! What am I doing wrong? .

Looks like your HTML didn’t make it through. Try again?

is there a script tag in what you are pasting?
the wysiwyg editor may be stripping it out.

Often the Rich Text Editor (tinyMCE) is configured to not allow embed codes like iframe and Javascript. In most cases this is a good thing – but it can be frustrating when you need to embed something.

There are several approaches to putting embeds onto a page:

  • modify the configuration of the rich text editor to allow iframe and javascript embeds (not recommended)
  • add the embed code onto the page using a Container and a publishing rule such as the Plain Text Rule
  • use a Post Processing (or Shortcode) function for your view

Container & Publishing Rule

If you have a container set up on your page then this is going to be something you can do straight away. Login to the webtop and then browse to the page you want to place the embed on. Activate Rules (press the Rules button on the FarCry toolbar at the bottom of your screen), and add the Plain Text Rule to your Container.

Post Processing

You could add your own post processing function to grab a URL and convert it to an embed for the Google Calendar. You will have to get your hands dirty and implement some code. Good thing is once this is done, everyone can embed Google Calendar :smile:

It’s All Gibberish

If the first part of this reply reads like gibberish try posting the embed code and a link to the page you are trying to work with. We might be able to help.

Just added a pull request for google calendar post processing: https://github.com/farcrycore/core/pull/13

Should support xml, ical and html URLs

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