[closed] Image upload failure

Thanks, Justin.

I haven’t tried the new core on my local installation, but, yes, it is working on my local machine.

None o my 2.2kb jpg, gif or png images worked.

THIS.webtopURL is correct.

Here is some pertinent information:

Also, the image metadata that I supply is recorded, but the original image is nowhere to be found. It seems like the fail on the actual upload, although I am not exactly sure when farcy manipulates the images. That is, I would think the source is uploded, a copy made in memory or on disc and then that copy manipulated.

So this makes me think this is a path issue. However, I can still upload documents and do bulk upload of images. Is there a different imagePath var that the image library and carousel is using?

Am assuming this is an environment issue as it can’t be replicated. [closed]