Setting setdomaincookies to false

I have a site running FarCry 7.2.9 on Lucee The domain for the site is similar to . In the farcryConstructor.cfm file, I have . I don’t recall ever having to change the value to false. However, I’m running into an issue where users that go to which uses ACF. There seems to be a conflict with cfid and cftoken variables and users can’t reach the login page of XYZ site. I have no control over XYZ. Could I try swtiching setdomaincookies = false ? Will this cause any issues on the www site? Or is there a way to set the domain for cfid an cftoken ?


  • JR

Correct, if you set this.setdomaincookies = false in your farcryConstructor.cfm then it should solve the issue. The app will only check cookies on the domain that it was accessed from and not at the top level domain, so the other apps cookies should no longer interfere.

Thanks @justincarter - I set it to false and it looks like the issue has been resolved.