Document Library - disappearing files

I have a couple of sites running FarCry 7.2.9 on Lucee and Nginx as a Web App at Azure. For the document library and images, I have mappings to Azure file storage - dmfile folder is in a separate fileshare than the webroot . The client often shares the URLs to files using the filename instead of the objectid ( The client has been replacing files via the webtop and claims the URLs no longer work after a period of time. I know a file becomes unavailable if it’s put into draft, but all files have been approved. I don’t see any errors in the lucee logs. I’ll check the nginx logs next, but is there anything else I should check?

There are two option when updating existing documents, Delete and Replace.
The subtle different is that Replace will upload the the new doc and rename it to the existing doc. (The required outcome in this case). Delete will removed the current document and replace it with the new one along with the new filename.
Another option might be to add a
to the dmFile type so that your client can share a friendly URL instead.

I haven’t looked into this issue in a while. I think disappearing files is some combination of user error and mapping file storage to my Azure Web App service which is configured using a Docker .yml file. I had a support ticket open with Azure support and they sent the following:

While mounting storage on App services Linux/container apps it does use blobfuse and it not recommended to do read-write operations as mentioned in below documentation

For the most part, mounting file storage for images and files has been stable and I can recover files from backup if need be.