[closed] key [FILTERTYPENAME] does not exist

Hi All,
Using 7.1.2/Railo4.2/Linux
Just tried to add an image via the richtext editor using the Farcry button and nothing happened. Looking on the console I can see that the ajax call has failed with the following result. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before but can’t remember how or if it was resolved. Does anyone have an idea of whats gone wrong?


I’ve committed a fix for his - can you retest using the 710 branch?


Hi Blair,
I can see you’ve been onto it :slight_smile:
But… the qLibrary in richtext.cfc needs to return a label otherwise it still throws an error.
qLibrary = application.fapi.getContentType

Can you try editing fourq.cfc getLibraryRecordset, and changing
sqlColumns=“objectid” to sqlColumns=“objectid,label”?


Hi Blair,
Yep I’ve done that, which works.
But now I have 4 versions of the single image in my dropdown… will investigate and report back. …no sniggering :slight_smile:

Let me know if you find any issues. Otherwise I’ll commit that change later


Ok in richtext.cfc around line 351

<cfset arrayappend(stResult["items"],stItem) />


<cfif NOT ArrayFind(stResult["items"],stItem)>
<cfset arrayappend(stResult["items"],stItem) />

Thanks @blair