[closed] Azure Search Plugin help

Hi guys.
Working on the azure search plug. But there is not much by way of set up. I went to the repo and copied in all the files in the proper location.

Now what? It references a config file, but where is is? Im sure there are some keys or paths or something I need to place somewhere. Also, any help on setting up on the Azure side would be awesome too.

Finally. Where / how to actually search? Went though the webskins and didn’t see anything with a form post or search box or anything.

Thanks for the awesome work. Hope you all can lead me in the right direction!!!

In the webtop you should be able to browse to Admin -> General -> Configuration -> Azure search, and provide your service name, index name and accessKey that matches the Azure Search instance.

Then from the webtop Admin -> Search -> Azure Search you can see the status and configure the content types that you want to index the content for and perform test searches.

To integrate into your front end you can get an idea of the code required from this webskin;

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Thanks Justin. I’ll give it a try in the morning and let you know. Thanks again!

Justin - I followed your directions above and I’m able to add items to the Azure index and search for items. It’s working nicely!

Is there a way to bulk load the Azure index for a content type? I noticed that the index gets updated whenever I update and approve an item, but I have a custom content type that has 5000+ already approved records. Should I use the bulkImportIntoAzureSearch function or create a new function based on bulkImportIntoAzureSearch that would not check buildToDate ?


I think there’s a way to index the whole content type from the webtop but I didn’t get time to check for you while I was in the office today. Can you see if that function is called from somewhere that you might be able to browse from the UI? If not then you could probably create a script to call it.

If you don’t have any luck then I’ll have a look on Monday :slight_smile:

I figured out how to use the bulk update. For a Type Index, I set the “Built to Date” field to a date earlier than the earliest last updated date in the content type table. Then I went back to the listing page, checked the box for the index I just updated and clicked on “Upload Al Documents”

I had thought that the “Built to Date” field had to be left blank.

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